Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters B.V

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters is one of Europe’s specialized coffee roasters, offering top value fresh roasted coffee and producing quality instant drinks.  Their mission:. Our coffee roaster produces the finest coffees and top quality instant drinks, such as chocolate drinks, cappuccino, instant coffee, and tea. In addition, we specialize in developing private label solutions – your story, our expertise.

ETNA Coffee Technologies

ETNA Coffee Technologies makes the finest machines for every situation, both for suppliers of superior ingredients and for ETNA’s own customers. ETNA enhances its range with a wide selection of options fully customized to meet the user’s requirements.  Developers and producers of a wide range of coffee machines.

Akbar Premium Quality Tea

Ceylon Tea, The finest quality from Sri. Lanka’s largest of Tea Exporters. Packed of pure and fine quality Ceylon tea, under the flagship brand of Akbar Tea, from Akbar Brothers (PVT) Ltd.  (Tea Bags) Sri. Lanka

Aliberti Drinks

A unique range of highly professional products. These original drinks are syrups of high concentration, using fine selection ingredients of the utmost quality such as pure sugar cane and fructose which are offered in a vast range of tastes.  (Syrups) Italy

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