Dolce Aroma

Prefisso Dolce Aroma

Prefisso Espresso Dolce Aroma

Prefisso Espresso Dolce Aroma is 

Aromatic and strong, Dolce Aroma is an all-time coffee with five different varieties of Arabica and two varieties of Robusta with 60-40 ratio.

We recommend it for a perfect
Espresso and Cappuccino Freddo without altering the taste and the aroma of the coffee.

 Recommended servings:

DOLCE AROMA 7,4gr – Espresso

14,8 gr – Cappuccino Freddo

Shelf Life : 24 months

                   Logistical Information:                       Contents: 1000gr  8 x 1kgr in a box   440 kgr 55 boxes per palette


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